Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"One year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday to YOU!"

A week ago, Liam turned 1. His birthday was on Friday the 13th! And guess what? He was suddenly sick on that day. He woke up happy and smiley, just like his normal self, but towards late morning he started getting a fever, he was tired (but cuddly, yay!), and he vomited on me twice, while wearing new clothes I bought him for his birthday. Luckily, we didn't plan a party on Friday because I wanted it to just be the three of us celebrating him turning 1.

The night before his birthday, we stayed up late preparing for his birthday morning surprise. We called getting ready for his party "operationdragon1". Haha! If you're following me on Instagram, you'll see the behind-the-scene shots of this "operation". When he woke up at 8 the next morning, we went in his room and sang Happy Birthday to him, to which he replied with tears (I think he was shocked that both his parents were there to greet him {it was usually just me or Mr.L} and we were singing and filming him). Poor boy! But he lightened up once daddy picked him up.

His birthday surprise! He was so happy to pull the balloons down. 

and his very own ball pit! 

He was dancing to Barney, his daily morning routine.
After that we had breakfast (Liam got to eat pancakes for the first time. He did not like it cause we didn't put any syrup on it {daddy was worry that Liam wasn't ready for sugar}.

A plate I made him for his birthday breakfast. I kinda messed up the eyes. haha

Yay! Birthday breakfast: pancakes in red, blue, and purple.

Some of the presents daddy got him

Time for a quick mini-photoshoot

He smiled like this once the entire shoot. Most of the time he was preoccupied with the tassels, the gold chips, and the balloons. 

Right after the shoot he puked on me and his new outfit.

After his nap, we went for a quick photoshoot at Riverwoods at 5pm. He wasn't very happy about it either, cause it was windy and chilly, and well, he was sick. So the photoshoot lasted maybe half an hour, and then we went home, gave him a bath, fed him, and said good night to our one year old, who had no clue what turning one meant. Right after we put him down for the night (6.30pm), we got busy getting ready for his party til after midnight.

My friend and photogrrapher trying to get Liaqm to smile.

His new ride and a gold balloon

This was probably the best photo we got: of all three of us looking at the camera. Haha. More to come!

The next day was the party. I don't know about Liam, but I had a blast. I got to see a lot of my friends who I haven't seen in a while. There were about 20 of us including the little children and our tiny apartment was crowded! But it was so fun!

I got some gourmet cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy. They won the cupcake war!! The cupcakes were SO good! 

My cupcakes. Haha!! Well, they are not too shabby. A couple of my friends thought they were gourmet too, by the looks of them. 

Another new outfit. Mama made the pants and the moccs. 

Lucky boy! He got a ton of presents!

Going out on a stroll with his girlfriend. 

I made this cake for him last minute and stuck the gold pipe cleaner crown on it. 

First birthday calls for a heavy duty candle!

I forgot to do the cake when most of our friends were still here! I totally forgot about the cake until almost everyone had left. I want to kick myself in the butt sometimes.

And he had his first cake. Yay!!
Thank you everyone who came, we truly had a wonderful time! Those who couldn't make it, thanks for your wishes and presents too! My baby is a big boy now!


Granny Whiting said...

He's about the cutest little 1 year old ever! What an ADORABLE birthday outfit you made him!!! Please kiss my sweet Liam for Granny! What a lucky little boy to have such awesome parents!

Jules said...

I finally figured out how to read blogs (easily) without google reader....well...Lia showed me, actually! I love Liam's birthday party!! Everything about it- and mostly the cute one year old in the baby leggings :). You are such an awesome momma- Liam is one lucky boy! I miss you!!