Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Playtime in the summer

Summer is almost over here in Northern Utah. The trees are changing colors in the mountains, the weather is starting to cool down a little, the rain is pouring a few times a week (it even hailed today!), and we're trying to play outdoors as much as we can before we have to spend most of our playtime indoor.

This summer is Liam's first summer, and it's been really fun! He got a mild sunburn  in Hawaii, got tan lines in Texas, moved out of mommy and daddy's room into his own bedroom, and played outside a ton! So here's what our summer playtime look like.

Sidewalk chalk art, aka chalk eating for Liam.

I need more colors and be more creative with my chalk art!

Since we are living so close to the mall, we go there pretty often (three or four times a week).
This playground is glorious!

One of my most favorite picture of Liam!

Once in a while we go to the library in Orem (it's not as good as the one in Provo so I don't like going as much).  But this stained glass window is pretty cool!

I think this was the first time Liam met Dmitri. Dmitri is giving Liam a hug.

This was at the library too. Liam looking cute in his little back pack next to President Lincoln. 

Sometimes it's too hot to put on pants. Don't you just want to take a bite of his fatty thighs? They are squishy!

Sometimes when he's bored with his own toys, we go to Target (which is only 5 minutes from our home) so he can have the time of his life playing with toys he's never seen before. 

When mommy doesn't feel like going out or stay at home, we go swimming at the apartment pool. 

My barre class is at a really awesome outdoor mall, and only two doors down from Blickenstaff, the best toy store EVER! So we go here fairly often too. Liam really loves it here!

We also go on a bike ride almost everyday, just around our apartment. 

Instead of walking to get the mail, we ride our bike. 

And when daddy comes home late afternoon we go to the playground at our apartment complex.

I will be sad when it gets too cold to play outside. I wish summer would stay forever! But at the same time, I am excited for Fall. Liam was born in Fall so he was too small to enjoy the changing leaves and the pumpkin patch then. I am excited for him to experience all the greatness Fall has to offer now that he's bigger. Many great new adventures await! 

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