Saturday, October 26, 2013

DC trip: Occoquan

The day before Liam and I went to DC, the government announced the shutdown (so freaking dumb!). However, no matter how mad I was with the shutdown, we had a lot of fun in DC. It was kinda a blessing in disguise because we were able to see and do many things that we didn't plan on seeing and doing, it was kinda fun that way!

Oh, why were we going to DC in the first place? Cause I was bored. Life gets to be too routine sometimes and I needed a break from that. So off we went to see grandparents and an aunt and uncle. My mother-in-law was the best host!! We had everything we needed even before we got there (diapers, wipes, baby food, pack-n-play, carseat, and her doting love). 

**We did and saw so much in DC it's hard to squeeze everything into one super long post, so I'll have to break the trip into a few shorter, more manageable posts.**

The first day we took things slow. We slept in and visited downtown Occoquan. It is a town 45 minutes outside of DC (maybe?). My mother-in-law lives there with her husband. It is a quaint little town with many cute shops and restaurants. Enjoy the sights of Occoquan!

the leash proved to be useless for Liam. He stopped walking when he felt the tug and wanted to be held. 

Not amused. And I can't help but noticed how bulky his diaper looked (Eeeeeekkk!!)!!!

A shop that sells Christmas ornaments.

We encountered this Samoyed dog. She was really big!

Cute buildings

We had lunch here. I love the al fresco atmosphere. The leaves were falling on us and into my soup, but I loved it!

Bahaha...Liam's face.

Don't be fooled by his attire. It was HOT that day (over 80 degrees)! I had only packed Fall clothes for Liam because it was snowing in Utah and I thought it might be cold in DC. 

You had soup when it's 80 degrees out? I'm from Malaysia! We eat scalding hot soup every single day!

The waterfront with ducks and geese.

duck feeding

He is a professional cart/stroller pusher, I'm telling you. 

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