Sunday, October 27, 2013

Natalia's party

We went to a really cute princess birthday party in September. My friend, Stacey, threw an amazing party for her little Natalia. Everything was so perfect and cute. What was more amazing was everything was DIYed by Stacey, save for the pizzas. So much work had gone into putting this awesome birthday bash together. Natalia, your mommy and daddy loves you SO much!

This was also the first baby birthday party we went to! Crazy, right? I think it's because a lot of my close friends had babies around the same time we did and Liam was probably the oldest. But we're looking forward to many more awesome baby birthdays in the years to come!

This cake looked so yummy!!

Stacey and her husband made this castle!

The cutest birthday girl outfit!

This is the best idea!

The princess

Us and our littles

Happy Birthday, Natalia!!

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