Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwing Our First Halloween Party

I started decorating our apartment for Fall after our DC trip. I've never decorated for Fall before so I was really excited about it. After getting all the fake fall leaves, pumpkins, and apples, I decided I'd decorate for Halloween too (initially I didn't think I was gonna do Halloween this year). Then I thought, "Why not throw a Halloween party?!" So off I went to Micheal's, Hobby Lobby, Party Land, Dollar Tree,Target, Wal-Mart, Tai Pan Trading, and Zurcher.

Did I mention how much I love planning...for anything? I LOVE IT! Planning for a party can be stressful, but so rewarding! Seriously, planning energizes me. I feel productive. I get so giddy thinking about all the possibilities. It's addicting. I should be a party-planner!

So our first Halloween party was a SUCCESS!! It was last week and we had amazing food, awesome decor, great friends that came, and Just Dance 3! It was a night I'll always remember. Enjoy these pictures from the party. **not pictured: "the gut soup" that I made (it's dark and looked gross, but it's actually minestrone soup with rotisserie chicken strips in it. So yum!), and the 3 girls (me, Anastasiya, and Chelsea) dancing to a Halloween song and "Baby One More Time" on Just Dance 3 (so fun!)

My brain cupcakes. Failed. The frosting came out too watery. Bleh...but they look like smashed brains, no?

popcorn hands goodie bag

Chelsea's witch fingers bread! Such a cute idea!

Anastasiya's brain mashed potatoes. LOVE!!! and SO tasty!

Sometimes Dollar Tree has the best stuff!

My DIY bats and Halloween playlist playing on the TV.

Yay! We finally have a fireplace to decorate!! 

I saw this on Pinterest and just HAD to copy.

Dry-ice in root beer...Best idea ever! This totally makes the party. I had never seen dry-ice at work before.
Now I have to incorporate dry-ice in every party I throw!

Target $1 cup. I snatched a bunch. 

Hahaha...Anastasiya, the wicked witch brewing her poison in the cauldron.
This is the most wicked expression she could muster. 
 I think Halloween just became my favorite holiday. I can't wait to throw a Halloween party next year...and the many more years to come!

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Drew Watts said...

Looks like it was a very entertaining party. I loved how all the foods were named and designed and per the Halloween theme, and they looked very appetizing as well. Brought back memories from the Halloween party I attended last year at one of the amazing venues in Los Angeles.