Tuesday, November 05, 2013

DC Trip: Chinatown, Downtown Washington DC, Georgetown

Even though all the National Parks, museums, and memorials were closed/barricaded off, we still wanted to go to downtown DC to see and walk around the National Mall. But before we went to see the memorials, we stopped at China Town to have some brunch. 

I really wanted to have Dim Sum that particular morning because when I think of China Town, I only think of dim sum. I thought it would be SO easy to find a restaurant that served Dim Sum, but it proved to be an almost impossible task (I've had no problem finding dim sum in every China Town I've been to so far, except this one!) We walked up and down a few streets, asked in a few restaurants that looked remotely promising, and got "no dim sum here" or "I don't know where you can find a dim sum restaurant here" or "go ask that restaurant over there" as replies. 

Finally, we went back to the first dim sum place we found (this restaurant is so high class it didn't even seem like it belonged in China town! Even though this place ONLY served dim sum and nothing else (most normal dim sum places serve some kind of porridge, noodles, and rice, but not this one), the dim sum was not served on a push cart (how lame!). I know I sound like a picky freak, but I was just appalled that what I can normally find in other China Towns in the U.S (California, Las Vegas, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, and even Salt Lake) was almost impossible to find in DC, the Capital! Wow! I mean, WOW!!!

I love the metro in DC! So much cleaner than in NYC!

The only thing great about this China town is this huge arch-magit. 

Instead of a dim sum cart, this restaurant has a dim sum bar!

Tired of waiting for the 

After brunch, we went to the National Mall! Yay!! I was happy that I still get to see a lot of the memorials even though they were "closed". I don't know much about the history of America so I wasn't sad about not being able to take the Capitol tour. I was really happy that despite the WW2 memorial being barricaded off, so many people still went in (someone pushed the barricades aside) and walked around it. This is one of my favorite memorials (I actually learned about this war in high school and heard so much about it from my grandmother!). The Korean war memorial is cool too because it is designed so that anywhere you stand in the memorial, a statue of a soldier is looking right at you. Creepy, but cool! I didn't know much about the Korean war, and I still don't know much about it, only it's fought in Korea and it was to fight against communism (right?). We also saw the Lincoln memorial. However, nobody could get up to it. Bummer :(

The Smithsonian castle.

Washington Memorial under constructions

The WW2 Memorial, closed/barricaded off.

Despite this, we still went in. So many people were doing it, and no park rangers/police were there, so why not?

Add caption

Utah represent!

We had to take a picture to prove that we broke the law. hahaha...

This duck pond was filthy. But the view is amazing!

After the memorials we went to Georgetown. When I came to DC in 2007, I didn't visit Georgetown, so I was really happy that I got to go this time! My sister-in-law's husband graduated from The George Washington University! The university looks like...not a university. Maybe that's how universities in big cities look like, like you have no idea where the campus ends/starts and there's no grassy fields or parking lots. Maybe I just didn't get to see the whole campus and was too quick to judge. But I do like Georgetown a lot. It looked like a place where I could shop til I drop.

Georgetown has quite a few cupcake shops! Out of all the American desserts, I think I like cupcakes the best--they are small, dainty, and cute.
I heard a lot of good things about Sprinkles and have always wanted to try. Now I got to! So good!!


This is a different cupcake shop called Baked and Wired or something like that. The cupcakes here are HUGE! Like...a BIG cupcake. Also very good. 

After getting the cupcakes, we walked down to the harbor. It's really pretty at night!

Liam loved the fountain.

On our way home

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