Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DC trip: Old Town Alexandria

I took Liam on a short trip to Old Town Alexandria one day when we were visiting DC. It was only two metro stops from my in-law's metro stop. The first place we went to in Alexandria was George Washington Masonic Temple. I saw this building on the way to downtown DC, so I was excited to explore it. This temple sat on a hill. After we got off the metro, I pushed Liam up the hill in his stroller to get to the entrance. I was sweating like a pig. No joke, my sweat dripped down my face, my back, and I was soaked in my own sweat by the time I got up to the entrance. Humidity...yikes!

This was my second time to a masonic temple (first was in Philadelphia, that one was really awesome!), and truth be told I wasn't very interested to learn about the building (I'm not an architect yo!) or the history of the masonry (because I already know some of it), so we skipped the tour and just wander around the main hall and the ground floor. Also, we were not allowed to take our stroller in, so I was like no way am I going to make it through the whole tour with a little tot. 

After the masonic temple, we walked towards old town to get on a free tram ride. The tram was packed and we barely have a spot to stand on. I was standing close to the exit door, one arm holding Liam, and the other hanging on to his folded stroller. {It is at times like this that I am extremely thankful for my xtend barre class. My arms are so strong and I can do things (like hold a 23 pound baby and a full size baby stroller) I couldn't before I went to the class.}

I really enjoyed walking up and down the sidewalks and look at all the beautiful windows displays. We stopped for some cupcakes at Alexandria cupcakes store, and went olive oil tasting. It was one of the best things to do in DC area.

mini cupcakes make out of balsamic chocolate vinegar. Really tasty!

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting


Lia said...

I love Old Town Alexandria. One of my favorite places to go when I lived in DC.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ee Wen
I like your post - will have to visit there when I come to USA. But actually I found your blog when trying to contact Leighton, as your 2 blogs are linked. I know he is in demand lately and catching up with emails after a time in hospital. But could you let me know if he is back at work or not as I have some developers on hold waiting to hear back from him. Thanks so much in advance.

Anonymous said...
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sharon said...

To whom it may concern, I have relayed your message to Leighton.