Friday, November 01, 2013

Liam's First Trick-Or-Treat

Last night we went trick-or-treating with Liam. It was his first time! I dressed up too. A very last minute decision. About 3 hours before we went trick-or-treating, I started looking for easy costume ideas and was about to give up on the idea of dressing up this year when I saw an image of a swan. It struck me that I had some stuff in my closet that I can just throw together to make a really simple swan outfit. I searched for swan make-up and saw a really easy one that I liked, so I replicated it. I put my hair up in a bun, pulled out my white long sleeved t-shirt that I had never worn before (glad I kept it), put on my white tights, beige tulle skirt, and my gold flats. The headpiece was a fun craft I made a few months ago for an editorial shoot that fell through. Now I got to put it to good use! Oh, I also borrowed Liam's cupid wings from this Valentine post. I am SO proud of myself for pulling it off the very last-minute! 

Thanks to my barre class, my calves are strong enough to do a pointe!! My toes were on fire though. I held this pose for 2 seconds while Mr.L snapped a bunch of pics! 
The only en pointe pic that turned out!
I am also posting some pictures of Liam in his costume from a photoshoot we did a week ago. It was a super nice day so I let this little wild animal run loose in the canyon.

Couldn't get the lid to open. 

These two! I love them!!!

Meltdown before the shoot even started.

All dressed-up and ready to go!

The candies we got for trick-or-treaters.

The houses we went to. I love all the decorations!!

Me teaching Liam how it's done.

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