Friday, December 06, 2013

DC trip: LDS Temple and the National Cathedral

{I am cramming two posts into one cause they are both about religious buildings we visited in DC. Also, I should be posting about our Thanksgiving week by now, so I'll be blogging like mad this couple of weeks before Christmas hits!!}. 

On the Sunday we were in DC, we visited the LDS Temple and visitor center in Maryland. We're spoiled with having so many temples near us in Utah. Having to drive for more than an hour to see the temple is a little unfamiliar for me now. But it was cool to see the house of the Lord on a beautiful sunny day and the DC temple is so beautiful! 

The next day, we visited the National Cathedral in downtown DC. It was raining cats and dogs that day and because we had to take a bus there from the metro station, we got pretty wet. It was not easy folding up the stroller and lugged it up the bus! We did pretty well making sure that Liam stayed dry until we got to the cathedral. It was pouring so hard I could barely open my eyes when we ran into the rain towards the cathedral. By the time we got into the cathedral, we were soaked! The bathroom in the cathedral has no hand dryers so I used at least 50 sheets of paper towel to dry Liam's hair and body. {I HATE RAIN!} 

Despite the rain and being wet, we had a pretty good time at the cathedral. It was really big, with lots of little chapels for people to sit and pray. Even though it is a non-denominator church, it reminds me a lot of the catholic churches/cathedrals I visited: stained glass, burning candles, statues, and murals of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and so on. The cathedral also has some crypts at the bottom level, which in my opinion is really creepy. All in all, it is a very beautiful and interesting gothic building. 

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