Saturday, December 07, 2013

DC trip: National Childrens Museum

It is Saturday morning and snowing lightly outside. I have just put Liam down for his nap and Mr.L is still sleeping in our room (it's almost 11 am, yo!). Now that I have a couple of hours to myself, what's better to do than to catch up on blogging? I am finally here, my friend! The final post about DC! I can't believe it is taking me so long! 

We went to the National Children's Museum on our last day there! I think slapping the "national" title on this museum is a bit much because it wasn't THAT big {only a single floor} and it is only a year old. It is not even in DC, it's in Maryland. So I don't know why it's a "national" children's museum and not just "Maryland/DC Childrens' museum". When I hear "national" I expect huge and historical and...well, I don't know, "national"! Despite the name of the museum, it was a pretty fun place for small children to play in for a few hours. Even though it is not huge, there are lots of fun things for kids to learn, explore, and play with in there. Liam was having the time of his life! {Warning: pictures overload} 

He loves this giant ipad thing {it's a samsung touch screen-magit}

teaching him chinese!

his favorite!

he loves that plastic bagel! He took it with him everywhere he went!

found his bagel!

After being in the museum for about an hour, we went and got lunch a few blocks away. We saw many cool shops and stuff on our way there and saw a small beach/harbor area that was cool to explore. There's this giant silver man sculpture half buried in the sand. 


He loved exploring this giant's mouth so much that he got mad when I took him down. 

A cool store that we stopped by to get some souvenir. 

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