Sunday, December 08, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

For this year's Thanksgiving, we drove to Denver to Mr.L's aunt's. I LOVE Thanksgiving!! It is so fun to gather with your family and just have a few days of feasting, games, and chats. I am SO grateful for extended family! 

We ate A TON during the few days there (duh!). Thanksgiving dinner was the best because I love meat and Turkey meat is the greatest. The rolls, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and stuffing were amazing!! Oh my gosh, even the gravy was so dang good! I stuffed myself with all the different pies we had too. Health, smealth, who cares! 

The night before Thanksgiving, we made s'mores! I haven't had s'mores in years!! 

A game of Jenga.

On Thamksgiving morning we watched the Macy's thanksgiving parade. It's a tradition for me since I came to the U.S! 

Turkey vege tray

You can't see very well, but this plate is full of amaze-ball food. 

Pretty table setting by our aunt Deanne

Then some jumping on the trampoline after the dinner

Our cousin, Ben, turned 12, and was given the Aaronic 

Look at all the mouth-watering desserts our aunt made!

Chicken foot: One of the loudest games ever! But so much fun!!! 

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