Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas was fun, fun, fun! On Christmas eve, we had a small family dinner (some of our family weren't there yet), and we shared our favorite Christmas stories/personal experience regarding Christmas and Christ around the family room table, by the Christmas tree, with Liam running around trying to get our attention. One by one, we each shared our favorite Christmas story and I am pretty sure all of us shed tears at some point from being so touched by the stories about our Savior. Here's the one I shared. It was also during this sharing time that I saw my husband cried for the first time! I loved him more at that moment. The story he shared about his mission and the humble people in Sri Lanka was one I will remember forever. 

On Christmas morning, Liam woke up later than usual. I was antsy as I waited for the morning noises he usually makes from outside his room. When he finally woke, the opening of the presents began! He got A LOT of toys this year (he got a lot of clothes last year). It was really fun watching him rock out on the guitar. 

We also had a Christmas party a couple of days after Christmas with our extended family. It was a fun day! The party started from 1pm and lasted til about 9pm! We also celebrated Tyler's birthday with a huge 4 layered chocolate cake.

We played some minute-to-win-it games which turned out to be really fun. I had researched the games on Pinterest for a few weeks and I am glad even the children were able to play and had fun.

"see how many marshmallows you can toss in the bin in a minute" game. The wreath made it harder.

"see how many baubles you can hang on the string with only your mouth in a minute" game. This one was tough. The best score was 2!

"see how many pencils you can throw and capture with one hand" game. A lot of people do REALLY well on this game! (I was the lousiest!)

"see how many nuts can you stack with a candy cane" game. 

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