Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Highlights of December 2013

Here are some highlights of our December 2013, Liam's second December (he was 15 months old). Christmas Day is of course the biggest highlight, but we'll save that for a different post. 

*Going to see Santa at Riverwoods Mall. Even though it was outdoor and blasted cold, Santa house was warm. This Santa was also the Santa that Liam saw for his first Christmas (he was only 3 months old then). 

*we had waited for it to snow since November, but it finally snowed in the beginning of December, and our front yard turned into a winter wonderland.

Liam admiring the snow outside.
*we decorated our living room with Christmas stuff (my woodland themed Christmas tree was not pictured)
We finally had a fireplace to decorate!

Once in a while we go for a walk out in the snow. Brrr!! Not my favorite thing to do!
*we took the polar express to north pole to see Santa!
the polar express ready to go! Can you spy little Liam in his red jacket checking the train out? 

on the train 

The second Santa he sat on this year :) He was not afraid of strangers!! I kinda wished he had cried instead. Those crying pics are priceless!

*Salt Lake temple ground is a must-see for our family each Christmas season. It's our family tradition (we have been every year since we moved to Provo). The lights around the temple are so gorgeous! The nativity scene was really good too. It also helped me remember what Christmas is really about.

snowing heavily in downtown Salt Lake. This is a beautiful sight: the temple, the christmas lights, the train, and street with cars, and the snow. This is my kind of city, busy and beautiful. 

Mr.L showing Liam the art of eating snow: just hold your mouth wide and stick your tongue out. 
The perfect student. 

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