Monday, January 27, 2014

St.George Children's Museum

One of my new year's resolutions is to blog MORE often. I make this goal every year and I always forget about it until I get bored and think "Hmm...what should I do now?" after I put Liam down for the night. Good thing it is still January! I can do it! I WILL blog more!

As I was looking through the pictures I took on my phone, I realized I still need to blog about St. George, at least something about St.George since we've been staying here for a month now. Also, we are leaving in a day and a half, so I really should blog about it before I blog about Asia. 

It used to be that every time I came down to St.George from Provo for a weekend or so, I couldn't wait to leave by the end of the week. I liked St.George, but I didn't like it enough to stay for more than a week. However, because we 'have to' (more like we choose to because it is closer to Las Vegas, where we will be flying out from) stay for more than a week this time, I have the opportunity to rediscover the city. And I am loving it! St.George is truly charming at night. Main Street and the Historical District are my favorite. I love the thrift stores down here (I actually find things that I like! and for SUPER cheap!) and the D.I. here has way more lightly used stuff than the D.I in Provo. 

It is still lacking in the shopping department (what's up, St.George? Don't people like to shop here?) and there needs to be more variety of restaurants (just because there are many Mexican and Chinese restaurants here doesn't mean there are many selections!). Despite all of that, I think St.George is a sweet place for children. For example, there's a new children's museum here...and it is right next to the splash park and shares the same parking lot as the library. Summer in St.George is going to be so much fun! 

Okay, so it seems like I am always blogging about Children's museums! I've blogged about the one in Houston, Washington DC, Denver, and I still have the one in Salt Lake and Las Vegas to share! I swear I take Liam to other places too. To be honest though, children's museums are the BEST for toddlers who can't sit still in a library, and because they are indoor, you don't have to worry about the weather. I just love them! Oh, because this particular children's museum is free (donation is welcomed), we go there two or three times a week! 

Even though it is small compared to all of the other children's museums we've been to, it is probably my very favorite. First of all, it is free. Second, I feel that it is geared more towards young children Liam's age. Many of the children's museums we went to have a lot more stuff for bigger kids and lean more towards teaching kids the principles of physics (man, I loathe physics) like weights and velocity and magnetic force (*yawn*). Liam is just too young for all that. That is why this museum is SO much more fun for him...and me!

medieval castle where kids can pretend to be kings, queens, princesses, and knights. 

Okay. this is probably the real reason why I like this museum so much better than the rest!

Rufus the dragon

my liege

trying on his crowns

music room

this room is not for the faint of heart or people who hate loud noises. it is noisy when there are 10 kids in here banging on drums, turtle shell, piano keyboard, organ, and harp.

of course we need a dessert room where kids learn about mining, rattle snakes, bats, and trouts. 

Liam's favorite! He likes hiding in the mine and throw blocks out for me to catch

the science room

this is my favorite! ever imagine what it's like to be inside of a bubble? This one is close

He loves driving!

now that we are living in Toquerville, Liam sees a lot of cows and other farm animals everyday. At least now he knows what cows and horses are!

milk the cow

Maggie the cow

collecting eggs

I really want a playroom like this for my kids in the future.

those little carts are just too much!

he likes being the cashier

First president of the United States 

The President's office

practicing for our trip

I hope he becomes a pilot one day!

he just got done recording his latest song and he threw the mic against the wall because he sounded awful

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