Monday, February 10, 2014

Hong Kong part 2

Ah, the Avenue of the Stars. It is a must-see in Hong Kong for tourists. Here you'll find hand prints of famous Hong Kong celebrities (some international ones) on the ground along the Victoria Harbor. It reminded me of Hollywood Walk of Fame, but with Chinese names. However, like most places in Hong Kong, this place is crowded. More so, because it is a famous tourist spot. It is so crowded you are constantly rubbing shoulders with some strangers.

It was difficult to take any pictures when people are walking right in front of your camera...all the time. You either wait forever for people to walk past you, or you snap a few pictures very quickly and hope that at least one picture turn out. Also, there's no sense in waiting for your turn to get your pictures because Chinese people has no concept of queues. You gotta be good at cutting in lines and 'jumping in'. For example, if you want to get your pictures taken in front of Bruce Lee's bronze statue, you jump in right after the person before you get his pictures taken there (but right before all your other 'competitions' even though they were there first). Trust me, that's a skill in and of itself. You gotta be stealth but not so discreet.

I only knew a handful of the names I saw on the ground because most of the names are older celebrities before my time. I giggled like a school girl when I saw names of singers and actors I used to idolize.

Avenue of Stars

View of Hong Kong island from the other side of the Victoria Harbor

so many people

K, i really need to stop with the peace sign. 

We found Bruce Lee's plaque

One of my favorite Chinese actress (Ling Qing Xia)

Jackie Chan

You know him, right?

and Liam Whiting :) 

this pig is very famous in Hong Kong (McDull). He's a Hong Kong tourism ambassador. How bizarre! haha!

We visited the Clock tower (I don't know its significance, but it's supposed to be historic) at the end of Tsim Sha Tsui promenade and saw some cute Chinese wedding procession displays in front of it. On our way to the Kowloon city park, we walked past this 1881 Heritage event with some Valentine's displays. Needless to say we have to stop and explore the place a little (the building looked like it was from the British colonial era and there's this cool wall waterfall and a tree on top of the building.

ancient chinese wedding procession. The music band playing gongs goes first, then the groom on his horse...

...then comes the bride in her carriage, and her wedding gifts and dowries in the back

1881 Heritage Valentine's display

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streets in kowloon city. lots of signboards

more signboards

Kowloon city park

flamingo garden in Kowloon park. This view is gorgeous! 

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Lia said...

Hmmm... Maybe you've been in Utah too long. It doesn't look that crowded... Don't go to Mainland China! It's much worse! Haha.