Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hong Kong Part 4

A friend of mine once said that her favorite place to visit in Hong Kong was the Ten Thousand Buddha temple. When I heard the name of the temple, I immediately wanted to go see it for myself. I am so glad that we went! It was really cool. 

The temple is a little far from the city, it was in Sha Tin, if I remember correctly. Getting there is not difficult but the temple is up on a hill so we had to hike up there. I was so glad that there was a ramp next to all the steps for us to push Liam's stroller up. If we had to carry his stroller and him up the steps, I think one of us would have to wait at the bottom of the hill with his stroller. 

There were many big statue different buddhas. All of their positions and facial expressions are slightly different. All the way up the hill we must have past at least a hundred of buddhas sitting on both sides of the ramp and stairs. When you finally get up to the top of the hill, you can worship at the temple by burning incense, pray for specific guidance, give donation to have your name be put up with a miniature buddha in the temple (there were literally more than 10, 000 miniature buddha inside the temple--all 4 walls of the temple were filled with them). Pictures are not allowed in the temple so I couldn't take any. There were also fortune tellers in the temple and when you get an "answer" from god, in the form of a stick {when you ask/pray for something, you shake this bamboo container thingy with many thin sticks in it, and the sticks has words/omen written on them that only the fortune tellers can translate/explain}. 

My favorite buddha statue on the way up

in front of the temple on the top of the mountain. Liam's waving hello to people. 

a ginseng tree

Ten Thousand Buddha pagoda

On our way to the Hong Kong cultural museum, we chanced upon this fun little Snoopy World. It was so so cute! There was a yellow school bus in there for kids to go on for pictures, a playground, a small river and boat ride, as well as a school building. 

After the Snoopy world, we went to the mall to get some snacks to eat and found our way to the Hong Kong Cultural Heritage museum. One of the exhibitions at the museum was Bruce Lee's life exhibition. I was excited to learn more about him! After all, he's a legend!...and a fellow Chinese who lived in the U.S.

Sand writing. Saw this at the train station.

Leash is the best when you're traveling with an active toddler. 

i love cute pastries like these! the purple orb one was so good! It was ALL chocolate!
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee's name in Chinese (Lee Xiao Long). Mr. L wanted to name Liam Xiao Long when we were choosing his Chinese name but I did not like it! It's a little old fashion. Haha!! But Liam's Chinese name does end with 'Long', which means dragon, because he was born in the year of dragon and because the year of the dragon is considered an auspicious year (since ancient Chinese emperors were viewed as dragons). 

That person in the mask was like "no pictures". So I only got one picture in this museum. 

There's a small children museum inside of the heritage museum and Liam loved it. Look at him run. 

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