Friday, February 07, 2014

Hong Kong pt.1

Hong Kong, the home of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, dim sum, and egg tarts. I grew up watching Hong Kong drama, and often dreamed of visiting the places I so often heard about on TV. When my mom agreed to meet with us in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year, I was ecstatic.

On our first day there, we discovered our hotel was really closed to Time Square in Wan Chai as we were looking for the MTR station. The station was right underneath the square. We went to Lantau island, one of the outlying islands in Hong Kong to see the Big Buddha, and ride the crystal cable car. I was stoked to go on the crystal cable car, which were built with glass all over, including the floor, until we actually took off and went in the air. I screamed. It didn't help that the family riding the car with us were jumping up and down the car taking pictures of themselves "flying".

It took us pretty much all morning to get to Lantau island because of the crazy long lines everywhere. It was extremely crowded because it was the first day of Chinese New Year! It was worth it though, in my opinion. Also, I'd recommend taking the crystal cable cars instead of the standard cable cars, the lines are way shorter coming back to Hong Kong (we pretty much went all the way to the front and the standard cable car line was so long it went from one end of the village to the other end!).

Once on the Lantau island, you'll be dropped off close to the Ngong Ping village, where you'll find some restaurants (even Subway) and small shops. We had Japanese ramen there. Then, we hiked up the long staircase to see the biggest outdoor bronze Buddha in the world. Enjoy the pictures (I try to remember to caption most pictures)!

time square

beautiful cherry tree at the square

in the cable car going towards Lantau 

the ocean beneath us

beautiful view from the cable car. the HK international airport is to the left of the mountains

if he were afraid of height before, i think we cured it. 

ngong ping village

one of the retired old cable cars made in France. I think my dad rode on this when he visited HK in the 1980s.

going to see Buddha

there were a few monks kowtowing on the floor every 10 steps they took

giant incense

giant incense in front of the Po Lin monastery

a small hike away from the Big Buddha was this path called the Wisdom Path. 

warnings and advice from the Buddha were engraved on the stone pillars

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