Sunday, March 09, 2014


A lot of people take day trips to Macau when they go to Hong Kong. It is most famous for its casinos, so it wasn't a fun trip for us. It is only an hour boat (turbojets) ride from Hong Kong. I wasn't very impressed with Macau because the boat tickets were expensive. Also, there weren't a lot to see and do there, apart from a couple of historical sites. Oh, can't forget about the crowd...waves of crowds, all moving down these small alleyways around the main tourist attractions. I have NEVER seen that many people in my life! It was really overwhelming, especially with a little toddler. We only had 3 hours to sight-see and that was plenty of time (because there really wasn't much to see there!).

An interesting thing I noticed when we were there was how they still use Portugese on buses and road signs.

Here are some pictures from our day trip to Macau. Enjoy!

Before we boarded the boat to Macau, we went for a walk near the ferry station and found some cute places like the Western market and a city park.
this was in Western market in HK.

Hong Kong 

chinese love their shark fins

on our way to the park. we had to go up the stairs to get there and we found someone's "room" underneath the stairs. I was surprised to see this in HK. 

the cute park

We wanted to take a picture here because we thought this place looked familiar (might be in one of those HK dramas we watched).

We were greeted by seas of people in MACAU
After an hour of boat ride we're here in Macau! This was one of the street that led up to the ruins of St.Paul's Cathedral.

Ruins of St.Paul's Cathedral. You can read more about the historical site here

Overlooking Macau city

Mount Fortress, or Fortaleza do Monte in Portugese, a fort near the ruins St.Paul's cathedral. There were many cannons like this on the fort.

Coming down from the ruins, you can visit the Senado square where there are many shops and restaurants. To be honest though, who would still be in the mood to shop when there are literally thousands of people squeezing past you the whole time?

Bye bye, Macau.

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Lia said...

I can't believe you didn't like Macau! I loved it!

But, it looks like it was a LOT busier when you were there. It was not crowded at all when I went.

Also, you missed the Macau Museum which was my favorite part!