Thursday, May 15, 2014

Malaysia: Langkawi

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, Mr.L and I decided to take a short trip to the Langkawi island with Liam. We wanted to take Liam along because we knew he would enjoy the beaches and swimming in the ocean. Even though we only live 30 minutes from the ocean here in Miri, the one time we took Liam to the beach here, we were all bitten by hundreds of sand flies and we never went back ever since. I missed the ocean!

I know that it is harder to travel with a toddler but I believe that it is worth the hassle if it means I get to make more memories with my son. He may not remember any of it when he grows up, but I will! I will always remember his cute face when he rode the speedboat for the first time ever, his squeals as he swam in the salty water, and his giggle when we fed the fish at the pier.

This was our first time to Langkawi. I don't know why I'd never been before! The island is about the size of Singapore, only with significantly less buildings and people. It is a chocolate heaven because you can get all kinds of chocolate there really cheap since everything on the island is duty free.

Langkawi is famous for its local legend of Mahsuri. So basically, she was the most beautiful woman on the island and when her husband was called to war, she was left behind in the village. While her husband was away, she befriended a man. Some lady became jealous of her beauty and her friendship with the man spread rumors about her being unfaithful to her husband and committed adultery. She was sentenced to death by stabbing. She was tied to a tree and the villagers stabbed her with their knifes but couldn't kill her. She told them to stab her using her family "kris" (Malay sword). When they did that, she bled white blood, which signified her innocence. Before she died she cursed Langkawi for 7 years of bad luck and the island was soon being conquered by Siam.

We did a lot of things with the three days that we were there. We could have done more if we didn't have Liam with us, but that's totally fine with me because a couple of the things that were recommended takes up at least a couple hours of boat ride, which I loathe (seasickness is not fun!). I'm glad we got to take things slow and had a little relaxing vacation as a family.

We've been teaching Liam names of the animals using flashcards, so it was awesome that he got to see some of the animals on his flashcards in real life. I think he was so surprised to see that elephants are actually so big in real life! When we took him to see the one and only elephant on the island (it was brought over from mainland), he oohed and ahhed and pointed and laughed. He was so excited to ride the elephant and to feed it food. My heart was full because he was so happy!

ps: We celebrated Mr.L's birthday in KL before going to Langkawi, so we have some pictures of KL too. 

pps: lots of cute pictures!!!

//Kuala Lumpur (KL)//
Petronas Twin tower Malaysia

fountain show at the Twin Tower

our favorite Xiao Long Bao from Ding Tai Fung. 
Liam meeting my cousin's daughter. He likes this jie jie a lot. 
Tiny cakes from Harrod's for Mr.L's birthday. They were yum!
KL China town 
Liam's in love with this chair at the lobby of our resort in Langkawi
He is also obsessed with the bed!

Our hotel! I love that it has a lighthouse!

We spent SO much of our time here!

sightseeing day: we went to the Eagle Square. 

Langkawi has a lot of eagles and "Helang" means eagle in Malay. 
A big park close to the Eagle square with weird sculptures.

back at our hotel, going to the pool before heading out for an island close by

Liam's first time on a speed boat! He looked a little nervous.
the view on the way to the small island 10 minutes from our hotel

his hair by the end of  the 10-minute speed boat ride

tada~ a beautiful island. We wasted no time getting into the ocean!

fish feeding 

//One night, we opted for beach dining. The food was great and the view was stunning!//
just chillin on the bean bag

everyone waiting for the sun to set

i was wearing the jacket because i was fed up of the mosquitoes at dusk
cable car ride is a must-do in Langkawi. It was the steepest cable car ride in the world!

the bridge is closed at the moment but it'll be reopened sometime this year. 

up by the cable car ride place, there's this elephant. He is 30 something years old. You can't really tell in this picture, but he was fascinated by the elephant! He kept saying "woah!". 
after the ride, you get to feed the elephant

The Oriental village at the cable car ride place

there's also this tiger restaurant called Bolaven Cafes at the Oriental village. There's no charge to see the tiger, so you can just order a drink and sit next to the glass panel and watch the tiger pace the ground.
Taking a dip in the cool water. When she walked right up to us, I am glad that we are separated by a glass panel!

A rice paddy field. I love it!! It's something we used to draw in my art class in primary school. Of course my drawing was much less beautiful!

We also visited an aquarium because we heard that it was one of the best in Malaysia. 

crazy huge crabs!

We spent our last night on the island, which was also our anniversary, on Cenang Beach during sunset.

dining on the beach with my pina colada cocktail and the black crystal necklace hubby gave me!

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