Sunday, June 29, 2014

Malaysia: Kota Kinabalu

This is my last blog post from Malaysia. We'll be leaving for Japan in a few hours. Before I say goodbye to my hometown, I want to blog about our visit to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. To those who don't know, Sabah is located in East Malaysia, on the Borneo island. I lived here for 7 years while going to elementary school.

This place is my happy place. My heart sings when I am there.

We visited my dad for a couple of weeks in both March and May, so we did a lot of touristy stuff there. It was awesome! We went to see sunset at the beach a lot, visited my good friends, stayed at some 5 star resorts, and just had the time of our lives. Liam's vocab was increasing in the short time that we were there because he was exposed to so many new things. I took him to the farmer's market close to my dad's shop a couple of times and he really loved learning about fruits and vegetables! He was so cute walking around pointing at different vegetables and said their names.

We also went to the zoo there to see local animals like Asian elephants, lots of Malaysian birds, and long nosed monkeys that only exist in Borneo. It was really fun because Liam got to ride an elephant again (Elephants are one of his favorite animals)!

Enjoy the pics from our vacay in Sabah. It really is my favorite place on earth!

Bonding with my dad. He loves his "gong gong". 

All the fresh local grown vegetables

He's holding a bitter gourd.

beautiful orchids

Malaysian fruits (they called these water apple)

This farmer's market was huge. This was only one wing. There were like 5 other wings. 

went up to the mountains. We were in the clouds.

Papar beach. One of the most beautiful places to view the sunset.

Lok Kawi Zoo

Liam's (jie jie) sister, my best friend's daughter. 

Orang utan from Sabah.

Sutera Harbor Resort

Going to the Manukan island 10 minutes boat ride away.

Manukan Island National Park

He loves the water bucket

Nexus Karambunai Resort

for my daddy's birthday, we came and stayed at this resort, about 30 minutes from KK city center.

pool time with ucle and grandpa. 

grandpa's burrito

Daddy's birthday cake

Congkak, a traditional Malay game
Trying out hands on a traditional Malay textile art

Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Beach resort

this infinity pool. Le sigh. 

Sunset bar

waving bye-bye to the sun

As you can tell from all the different outfits Liam was wearing, we went back to this resort A LOT!

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