Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Liam : 22 Months Old

Liam is turning two in just a couple of months. I used to document his progress month by month until he turned one. Then I got lazy...and busy. I tried to blog about his progress a few times when we were in Malaysia but for some reasons I never hit published button. I have witnessed Liam's growth first hand and I am so grateful for that. But I need to record his growth in words and pictures before I forget what my toddler is like at this age. 

I decided to record his progress in bullet points because there's quite a bit...and I am sure I have already forgotten a ton. 

*He calls himself "baby" when I ask him what his name is. 

*He knows all of the capital letters in the English alphabet. He recognizes them in books, billboards, road signs, his toys, TV, and even Little Caesar's pizza bag. He can correctly pronounce 20 of them, but he still isn't able to say "U", "Q", "K", "W", and a couple other ones. 

*He knows about 60-70 ASL signs. He used to only do the signs, but now he can verbally say most of what the signs represent. He loves to sign and say those words together. I credit his large vocabulary to learning ASL. 

*His favorite words are "moon", "star", "bear", "shoes", and a few other ones that I can't think of right now.

*He calls elephants "da" because elephants are called "da xiang" in Chinese. He can't say "xiang" so he just says "da" and does the ASL for elephant. 

*He understands both English and Mandarin Chinese. I would say that he says more English words than Mandarin words, but he has comprehends Mandarin just as well. 

*He loves colors. The first two word phrase he said was "blue day". I think his favorite color is either blue or red, cause he says them all the time. He calls green "bi". He has a hard time with "white" and "yellow".

*His best friend is "Ah Po" (my mom). His eyes sparkled every time I mentioned Ah Po. When we were living with my mom, he would wait by the door in the evening when he heard the gate to our house open. Every morning Ah Po changed his diaper, fed him breakfast, took him outside to play in the car, and he'd follow her around the house watering plants or washing the ditch. Now he'd get upset every time we say goodbye to Ah Po over the phone. 

*He absolutely loves "driving" the car! He could sit in the car for 15 minutes turning the steering wheel.

*Apart from "driving", his other favorite thing to do is watching "Signing Time"...that's why he's so good at it. 

*He also loves to "exercise his face". He scrunches his nose and squints his eyes, then he open his eyes really big and pulls his upper lip down, then he open his mouth really wide, and laughs his head off. 

*His favorite transportation is bus...or train...or airplane.

*He loves broccoli. 

*He loves soup. He eats all kinds of soups, even bitter ginseng soup. 

*Everytime after he takes a big sip of water, he says "Ahhh..."

*He loves playing in the water. Ocean, swimming pool, bath tub... But he hates the shower.

*He is getting the hang of saying prayers every dinner and before he goes to bed. He'd clasp his hands tightly, shut his eyes, and touch his head to his hands. Of course he'd peek. But he'd keep quiet til the prayer is over and he'd say "Amen" loudly. He does the same at church.

*He is starting to like going to nursery! He went the second time last week and even though he still needed me to go with him for the first hour, he was okay with me leaving right after the first hour was over. 

*He tends to throw tantrums around dada. Not sure why that is. 

*My favorite is when he wakes up in the morning and says, "Mama" softly to see if I am awake. Makes me jump out of bed and kiss him every time!

*We started going to a mommy and baby yoga class. He is loving it! His favorite pose is the tree pose. 

He really loves her! Sometimes he'd grab her face and smooch her hard. LOL!
He's starting to get the hang of taking selfies!

Won't leave the mall until after he's sat on all of the cars!

He was brave to go in all the tubes by himself and down the slides too.

Few days before we left Japan. Snug as a bug in Ah Po's arms. 

I told you they are best friends!

In the taxi in Japan. He loves public transportation!

His favorite toy at the moment.

He's getting so big. It really is bitter sweet. 

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