Thursday, October 09, 2014


We went to Nara solely because of the deer at the Nara park. Why? Cause they are seriously awesome! Let me elaborate. They bow to you when you bow to them and feed them food. Whaaaatt?? Yea.

Nara is about an hour of a train ride away from Kyoto, so it was a perfect city for a half day trip. Apart from the deer, we also went to Todai-ji, which was only a short walk away from the deer park. This temple houses the biggest bronze statue of the Buddha Vairocana--go look this up on google if you're wondering what it means.

So here's a funny story. When we got to the Nara train station, we got in a taxi thinking that if we just tell the driver to take us to the deer, he'd know what we were talking about. So while he was driving I tried signing "deer" cause I had no idea how to say "deer" in Japanese (Also, I just learned how to sign "deer" from Liam). The driver was like..."huh?" You can see questions marks in his eyes. So I starting telling Mr.L to look up the word "deer" in Japanese with his google translate app. After Mr.L looked up the word "deer" (shika) and told the driver to find the deer, he still wasn't getting it. Also, Mr.L didn't know what we were gonna do in Nara--obviously I was the only one informed about our schedule for the day--so I was getting a little frantic and said to the driver, "shika pa-ku" (attempting to say "park" in Japanese...which probably sounded like gibberish to him). In the end Mr.L showed him a picture of some deer and the driver was like "Ahhhh..." He finally got it. Smart phone, NEED them when you're traveling!

Here are some pictures and videos of our half day trip in Nara if you'd like to see.
Nara Park


There is deer everywhere at the park. 

Liam is intrigued and excited!

When they see you with biscuits they just swarm right up to ya.

Mr.L is so calm even though a deer bit him on his belly before this.

I am awkward when I feed the deer. Seriously, when they get really close up and trying to nib at your belly and hands for biscuits...they are scary!

Liam excited to touch the deer. He was also kinda terrified of them. 

A buck walking in the middle of the street

The entrance to Todai-ji


Todai-ji is big!

It may not look like it but this buddha statue is huge!

Found a tree with a hole...

...must climb through it.

Daddy too!

Got stuck!

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I think I would be scared of the deer!