Friday, November 14, 2014

I LOVE JAPAN: Tokyo part 2

A few pictures of Tokyo from our trip back in July. Enjoyed! I'll back with a blog post to Mount Fuji and to Hakone hot bath resort.

Zozoji temple at night with the Tokyo tower in the back.

I called them "Zozoji babies". There are SO many of them at the temple. I don't know what they are used for, but they are so cute!!!

We went and saw the tower. It was beautiful!

Then over to the Mori tower and saw this gigantic spider.

Up to the very top of Mori tower to see the Tokyo tower but for some reason it was off that night, so the next best thing is the city view of Tokyo at night.

Walking around in Shinjuku

Their vending machines are so futuristic!

While we were in Shinjuku, we headed to Omoide Yokocho, which was called "pee alley" or something like that. It's an old alleyway with some traditional looking restaurants. 

a street in Shinjuku full of restaurants

A Hello Kitty store in Odaiba.


Love love love!!

Aquacity Odaiba

The main reason we spent $40 on a taxi fare to Odaiba is to see this giant Gundam.

My boy learning to hold the umbrella. 

A mini statue of liberty
my husband walking towards it

There he is!!
I've always wanted to see a Kabuki theater. This one is pretty cool, but I feel like it's a tourist trap if you're not really there watching a show.

so pretty!

A pretty staircase at the theatre

i love this rooftop zen garden! 

at the train station. he wasn't sure what was going on so he stood really still

Off to Meiji jingu (a shinto shrine) 

all the sake barrels

clean your hands and mouth before going into the temple

The temple lady in a red and white robe. She reminds me of Sailor Mars in the SailorMoon anime!

Tokyo station. it is huge and beautiful!

the inside of tokyo station. We only had 10 minutes in there before having to take off for the airport. We barely had enough time to hug my mom goodbye! 

If you've missed part one of Tokyo, see here
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