Saturday, November 15, 2014

Liam's 2nd Birthday!

//This post was written a couple of weeks after Liam's second birthday. Let's pretend that I am on top of blogging and this is not 2 months after his birthday!//

My Liam bug turned TWO a week ago. He is the cutest, silliest, and smartest little two year old I know (mama can be biased, right?). I just adore him. He makes me laugh everyday and I am so THANKFUL I was chosen to be his mommy.

I've been teaching him to response to this question, "How old are you?" and everytime he says "Two!" it is like a reality hit--he is growing up way too fast!

A couple of months ago I recorded Liam's growth here. He is now speaking a lot more and he signs less. He used to sign more than he said words, now he can speak in short sentences! It almost seemed like it happened overnight. One day he just decided to use his words and then more words. His speech is more clear now even though he is still having a hard time with the "t", "w", "l" and "r" sounds. The t and w sounds come out as "f" sound. So when he says "truck" it really sounds like he's swearing. And he says it A LOT since there are so many trucks here in Utah. Same thing with "watch". He says "Watch Barney" and it sounds like "f--- Barney". Every. Single. Morning! Mr.L and I laughed really hard everytime we hear it. The "l" sound becomes "w". When he says "Liam" it sounds like "wyum" (So freaking adorable!). Some of his favorite words are "airplane" "elephant" "banana", and "bear". Oh, and he says "doe" for "go" and "otay" for "okay" and "sit" for "sleep". Toddler speech fascinates me and is the cutest thing in my opinion. I am really enjoying listening to Liam talk!

He can also sing a full song now --1,2 buckle my shoes, the wheels on the bus, and the color song on Barney.

At 2 years old, Liam loves to listen to songs. His favorite song as of now is "The Wheels on the Bus" and when we're in the car that is the ONLY song he wants to listen to. When the song ends, he'd say "Ding ding, bus" (he always adds "Ding Ding" when he says bus"), and if we don't skip back to the song, he'd say "no no" to all the other songs until we go back to his bus song.

Sometimes we make up silly songs while I'm driving. But the only one that sticks is the "Liam's ABC song". It's just a song I made up using the "Are you sleeping" tune. It goes like this, "A for Apple, B for Balls, C for Cars..." all the way to Z. We use sign language for all the words and alphabets when he sing too. He knows the whole song by heart and he requests it all the time. I really love that he loves learning and he doesn't mind his mommy's lack of creativity.

He really loves learning. He memorizes ABCs and 123 when he is bored. Sometimes he shouts "W X Y Z" or "8, 9, 10" randomly.

He doesn't speak as much Chinese except for memorizing 1-10 in Chinese, even tough he understands Chinese when I speak to him. He finally learned all the colors in Chinese--but he won't say them.

He also loves to paint. He paints everywhere. He chalking the sidewalk, finger-painting, window painting, bath tub painting, coloring...he is a little artist!

He also loves to give big hugs and kisses.

His favorite show is still Barney. He still enjoys watching signing time, even though he seems to not be as into it as he did when we were in Malaysia (I'm guessing it's because he learned all the signs already). He also likes Mickey Mouse now (I kept teaching him about Mickey and Disney so he can be excited for Disneyland when we do go one day!).

His favorite food is still Chinese food. He likes rice and soup, all kinds of noodles (which he calls "mian mian"). He is starting to eat eggs now (he would spit it out a couple of months ago). We finally switched him to whole milk because unlike in Malaysia there's no formula made especially for kids older than 1 here in the U.S. The transition seemed to work great. I was worried that weaning him from formula would take forever but he just took it and was fine with it. Such a big boy!

We celebrated Liam's second birthday at home with a birthday pancake breakfast and opening of presents in the morning. Then the superhero weekend at the aquarium. After nap time we went to the zoo, rode on a merry-go-round, and went to the build-a-bear workshop to get a stuffed puppy. It was a fun day for him and he was so happy!

I love you SO MUCH my little two year old Liam! You are so fun at this age!

confetti pancakes for the birthday boy!

We didn't know he was terrified of sparklers!

He still doesn't like it even though we moved it to the other end of the table!


He loves to blow the candle!

Add caption

Happy now!

Got a lot of presents from our family

Off to the aquarium, which is one of his favorite places to visit

it was hero at the aquarium day in conjunction to salt lake comic con

Then we went to make a bear workshop and he picked a little doggy.

helped pump the cotton into his doggy

choose some hearts for his dog

all done and time for a bath!

Happy happy birthday!!

After his nap, the celebration continued at the zoo

he saw his favorite animal

and rode on the merry-go-round

We love you so much, Liam!!


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His favorite food is still Chinese food. He likes rice and soup, all kinds of noodles (which he calls "mian mian"). He is buffet near me chinese starting to eat eggs now (he would spit it out a couple of months ago).

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