Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patches

This is how we spent many of our days in October.--visiting pumpkin patches. Even since before we had Liam, Mr.L and I would go to a pumpkin patch every year. We always felt that the pumpkin patches were OK, but not super awesome for us. It wasn't until we had Liam that pumpkin patches all of a sudden become something HOLY-CRAP-IT'S-SO-AWESOME-AND-WONDERFUL-SO-WE-MUST-GO-TO-EVERY-SINGLE-ONE-WE-KNOW! I swear, having kids makes everything that seems ordinary or insignificant become way bigger deals and way more awesome. It was watching Liam had the time of his life that made me love taking him there. Last year when he was one, he wasn't really into it. But this year was a whole different ball game. He loved it and was so gutsy that he went down huge slides all by himself and laughing and giggling all the while. He also loved counting the pumpkins and said "pun-ty, pun-ty" (pumpkins).

This year we went to 6 or 7 pumpkin patches around Salt Lake and Utah county. My favorite is definitely the Cornbelly at Thanksgiving Point. It has got so much to do in there you'll probably want to go back at least one more time.

A random pumpkin market at the corner of a street in Sandy. It had a couple of huge inflatable slides that Liam loved going on, and the duck boat was cute too even though all Liam did was go round and round and round on it (he needs to work on his steering skill).

those pink pumpkins!! I regretted not getting ANY!

We went to Cornbelly on their opening night and saw fireworks with music. 

cow train ride

he loved the corn beach!

It was our first time to Gardner village. It was basically a shopping place with lots of witch displays almost everywhere you turn. There's a little stage there for the littles to dance on and Liam and his friend Maverick were loving it. Try and see if you can spot some witches in some of the pictures below.

We drove by this pumpkin patch on our way to church so we decided to check it out one Monday night for FHE. It is basically a field with a lot of picked pumpkins on the ground and a pirate ship.

This was his first time realizing he could actually sit on the pumpkin. Life changing. 

Liam in the pirate ship with his pirate hat.
 We went to Wheeler's Farm to check out their pumpkin patch. It wasn't the greatest but you get a free pumpkin with the ticket you purchase. I think Liam liked the farm part more because he got to pet some sheep and rode in a wagon.

Jaker's farm in Springville is one of the funnest we've been to. We went there last year with some friends and we went again this year because it has a lot to do FOR FREE!! We went down the slides, played in the corn box, went on a wagon ride around the huge pumpkins farm, got lost in the hay maze, saw some dirty farm animals, and went in a little tiny haunted house.

I love seeing the white pumpkins on the farm!

We went to this pumpkin patch in Orem with our friends and it was pretty cool. It was not huge but there were LOTS of people there when we went. It was also a pretty warm day and I was just getting over my strep throat, so it wasn't a terrific day for me. But they had these ginormous pumpkins on display, which was the highlight for me. I am a sucker for photo ops! Oh, and they also had huge sunflowers (that were dying) and some corn maze.

Back to Cornbelly we went one evening after Mr.L got off work. Liam really really loved it here! There were some slides that were like 3 stories high and he didn't want me to go down with him on it (of course I said he MUST go down with me). Crazy boy! I also loved that there are fire pits where you can roast marshmallows and make s'mores at or just sit by the fire for some warmth.

Liam liked feeding his daddy!

and this air fun! he jumped on it for the longest time! It was so cute to see.

The last pumpkin patch we went this year was the one in Pleasant Grove called Hee Haw. I used to love it a lot but now that I have found so many more nicer pumpkin patches I don't know if I'd go back again. The day we went most of the "fun attractions" like pony rides, wagon rides, and petting farm were closed. Boo! The place really wasn't that fun without those "funtractions", okay! Liam went down the big slide on a hill all by himself, over and over...for about half an hour until I was like "my back hurts from standing and watching you, so we are going home".

I love this picture of him so much! He is just so loving and tender. He stroke the bunny softly and point out all the body parts of the bunny "ears, head, eyes" darling! 

So fearless!

So happy!

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