Monday, December 15, 2014

I LOVE JAPAN : Lake Kawaguchiko--In search of Mount Fuji

I miss summer. I miss being able to go outdoors and do stuff without having to bundle up. I miss the vegetation, and the green. I also miss Japan, a lot! I need to go back soon.

While in Tokyo, we went to Lake Kawaguchiko, which was supposed to be a great place to view the majestic mount Fuji. But the day we went we ran out of luck because since it was the typhoon season, it got really cloudy and the mountain was completely covered by storm clouds. We thought we saw a glimpse of the top of mount fuji when we were on the train though...but we can't confirm if it was it for sure. 

After lunch at the train station, we took a taxi and told the driver we wanted to go to the lake. Due to mis-communication and luck, we ended up not at the lake harbor, but at a lavender festival by the lake. We didn't even know about the Lavender festival so I was really happy with the surprise! The farm was so beautiful with purple color everywhere! I hadn't photoshopped any of these pictures so they are kinda flat-looking, but in real life the scenery was amazing! 

After meandering the lavender farm and took a ton of pictures, we hopped on a bus and headed back to the train station because we couldn't find get a taxi at the farm. After we got to the train station we hopped on another taxi to go to the lake harbor (it was only a 5 minute ride!) to go on a boat ride. I am surprised that all four of us could fit into the pedal boat! Mr.L and I did all the pedaling while my mom helped Liam steered the boat. He was in heaven--steering is his favorite thing to do! 

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