Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our 2014 in review

Happy New Year!! Here's quick post of our 2014. It has been a year of growth, travel, sickness, and happiness! It is by far the busiest, most exhausting, and most rewarding year for us three. 

We spent the first half the year in Malaysia, traveling and living with my mom (so great!). Mr.L graduated with his BA in Software Engineering (he was supposed to have graduated in Dec last year...and I thought so too...until he told me 4 months later that he actually was secretly taking one last online class while we were already in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways...Yay!! NO MORE SCHOOL!) and he was hired by a company in Salt Lake after we returned from Malaysia. Liam is growing up to be such a fine terrible two. He is so much fun to be around nowadays...I mean that literally and also sarcastically. As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Malaysia (as evidenced by my weight gain) and all the traveling we did. My business started picking up and I am so thankful for those of you who have shown me your trust and supported me in my endeavor. 

I am so thankful to have my Liam bug and Mr.L with me through all of the challenges and success this year. We are so excited to welcome 2015 because we will rock it! 

January was spent in Toquerville, getting ready for our trip to Malaysia. While we were there, we went to the Children's Museum in St.George A LOT! 

Febuary-- Liam took his first international flight and we went to Hong Kong to spend Chineese New Year  there with my mom. 

March was spent flying all over Borneo visiting relatives and my daddy got to meet Liam for the first time ever! 

April-- We went to an island in Malaysia, called Langkawi, for our 5th anniversary. 

May--We spent the majority of May in KK staying with my dad, aunt, and brother. We went to the beach A LOT because we just couldn't get enough of the sunset and warm sea water! 

June--hmmm...I can't remember what we did...must have been a pretty uneventful month. 

July--It was our last week in Malaysia so we said goodbyes to a lot of people. Before we came back to the States, we went to Japan with my mom. 

August-- Mr.L got a job offer in Salt Lake and we moved into our rental house and spent the rest of the month unpacking and organizing our new home. We got a new car too! 

September--Liam turned TWO!! I just love him!!!

October--We love Halloween and we went around Salt Lake and Utah county to go to different pumpkin patches. This mommy is addicted! 

November--We got to see baby Grayson for the first time and he and Liam became good friends! Mr. L and I went to Europe (Greece and Turkey, which I will blog about in the New Year) for the first time ever! 

December-- Liam and I started our December in New York visiting my girl friend, Julie and her son, Troy for a few days. After coming home from New York, we recuperated from jetlag and strep and croup before going to Toquerville to spend Christmas with all of Mr.L's siblings and their cute families. It was the first time all three of the cousins (Liam, Kai, and Grayson) were together. It was the best way to spend the holiday, with your family! 

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