Thursday, January 08, 2015

My little family

Happy New Year! I started the year feeling extremely grateful for my health, friends, and my family. I am especially grateful for my husband and my son, who love me regardless of my many flaws. I am truly lucky to have them in my life.

Here are some pictures from our Christmas photo shoot last year. I didn't share the pictures on my blog because I sent out our Christmas card late. So I am sharing them here now. I really love our photographers for capturing what I had envisioned.

*Also, there's a super cute video of our family at the end of this post!*

A couple days before Christmas we did a video shoot with a videographer from St.George. It was such a fun experience! She didn't ask us to post very much so everything was candid and so natural. I am really into videography lately and I want to have a video of our family done each year! I obsessed am I with us, right? Well...VERY!

Anyways, enjoy the video!



Rita Whiting said...

I LOVED the pictures and LOVED the video!!! Liam is getting so big! He's not a baby anymore! You are such great parents!!! Love you, ---Granny

Nikki Yoder said...

Sharon, that is SO amazing! I absolutely love your pictures (always do) and the video is incredible. I wish we didn't busy ourselves with so much work all the time and would take the time to do something like this. I think we'll take a step later this year (spring/summer) and actually hire someone to take our photos since it's been so long.

You two are such an amazing couple and you make a cute family. Liam is just adorable and SUPER smart. He really is. You are very lucky to have him. :)

Miss you guys! Keep up with your posts! I love to hear about your many adventures and see your cute family.