Saturday, February 07, 2015

Ee Wen goes to Greece: Athens and my birthday

I'd never have imagined celebrating my birthday in Greece, let alone my dream vacation destination, Santorini, but that was what happened last year!

Mr.L had told me back in April 2014, while we were on our 5th anniversary vacation, that he was taking me to Iceland for my birthday! He said he already bought the tickets and we were really going! I was ecstatic! But then I kept having this feeling like maybe we shouldn't go to Iceland in the end of November when it is supposed to be rainy, snowy, freezing cold, and has only 4-5 hours of day light. every day. But I ignored the feeling. I was going to ICELAND and nothing's stopping me! 

Man, was I wrong. Mr.L persuaded me to let him plan the trip (I am usually the planner). For months, I thought he was planning the trip for Iceland, but he was secretly planning a trip to Greece and Istanbul instead. He didn't even let me find out until we were at the airport! (I had only brought one pair of shoes--my snow boots! and a lot of coats!)

I am happy that it turned out to be Greece though. I've always wanted to go to Santorini and I am so glad that it is the first European country I visited!

Our first destination was Athens. I was so jet-lagged and sick (that bloody strep kept coming back!) the night we flew in. My plan was to hit the sack right after we stepped into our hotel room, but I was too hungry to sleep so we ordered room service. I am embarrassed to say what I had ordered. I looked at the menu and nothing seemed good at the moment because I had a craving for burgers! Me! The person who eats burger once every two years or so when there is no other choice of food! Unfortunately, there was no burgers at the hotel, so we ordered french fries and greek yogurt instead. I still can't believe that was what I chose to eat in Greece.

The next day I woke up feeling fantastic. 10 solid hours of sleep without a toddler waking me up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Glorious! Also, the sore throat had gotten better despite the french fries binge the night before. AND the creme de la creme was that it was my birthday!! 

Off we went sight-seeing around the city on foot. We saw Zeus's temple, Acropolis, the museum, and the 1896 Olympic stadium (which was surprisingly small!). I am in love with the Mediterranean climate--mild winter (it was 66 degree in December!) as opposed to the frigid cold in Utah and the humidity wasn't as overbearing as Malaysia's tropical climate. Perfect! We chuckled at the Greeks for wearing fur and thick coats during the day when it was pretty dang nice while we only had our think sweaters on. 

Temple of Zeus, around 500 years old. 

Temple of Zeus. 

Acropolis: Theater of Dinysus used to festivals to honor god Dinysus.

Mr. L appreciating the stone pillars from the ancient time.
Entrance into the ancient city of Acropolis.

the Aeropagus, the rock where the apostle Paul preached to the Greeks about the God who does not dwell in their temples (see Acts 17:24)

ruins of Acropolis

temple of Zeus and the city of Athens from Acropolis

I was fascinated with the pretzel looking bread and got one. It was SO DRY...and tasteless.

The Acropolis museum was beautiful, modern, and really cool!

The model of Acropolis in its glorious time. What a sight it would have been.

a stone from the roof of the Acropolis temple

this little girl came and played a song while we were ating lunch. She looked completely bored, but she said that I was pretty so we gave her some tips. LOL!

Then her brother came. Looking bored and played for like 5 seconds.

My lunch. Beef kabob. It looked really good. Not bad, just not my favorite. I think there's too much herb spice on it. 

After our delicious Greek lunch, we went back to the hotel for a 4-hour nap (jet-lag). I feel like the birthday getaway was just an excuse for me to sleep, sleep, sleep. At night, we went out for my birthday celebration at the first restaurant we saw. It was really good!

the Olympic stadium from 1896.

we had about 10 minutes to kill so we let this caricature artist draw us.

I look like Ursula the sea witch and Mr.L some fat Italian guy. LOL!

Finally, birthday dinner!

these shrimps are muy delicious! crunchy and salty. like chips, only with a ton of flavor and some meat.

miso salmon with lentils. I hate lentils but this wasn't so bad. The fish was AMAZING!

breakfast at the hotel before we left for Santorini the next day.

Greek yogurt with o many toppings. Yum!

breakfast with a view.

gotta take a picture of the first orange tree I saw. When I saw the tree, I was all "So I guess oranges grow on trees, huh?" LOL!

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